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Sweets are the most expected offering in the altar of Day of the Dead. Pictures of beloved relatives, flowers and candles and the tasty pastry are the stars in each home.

Day of the Dead is the only one occasion of tasting these sweets along the year. So, do not miss the opportunity to celebrate.  Mainly made of seasonal products:  pumpkin is the star but not the only one; brown sugar, cinnamon and guava are the essentials to mix with to prepare Pumpkin Candy.

Other representative symbols of this celebration, like bones and skeletons, inspire many other recipes, but the most popular are the sweets made of sugar, chocolate and amaranth with shape of skulls. The name of ancestors, flowers and fruits of different flavours and colours decorate them.

The one knows as “bread of the dead” is one of the most traditional sweets and also seems a skull, made from a round bread and two twigs in cross. There are not an only one recipe but the most widespread one includes the zest of orange peel, anise and orange blossom tea.

This Mexican tradition that commemorates the memory of the dead person on November 1st and 2nd was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008. Its beautiful symbolism and staging attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year.

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