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The Tamal Festival in Coyoacán is celebrated in honour to Candlemas Day. More than 50 producers offer tamales from different states of Mexico – Oaxaca, Veracruz, Michoacán and Chiapas – in the National Museum of Popular Cultures. This wide selection is completed with recipes from Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The tamales are made of a corn dough filled with meats, vegetables, fruits, sauces and other ingredients. They are wrapped in banana or avocado leaves and then boiled. Some have a sweet taste – those filled with pineapple amaranth or ayacote – but most are salty options. Tamales are one of the most important dishes of the Mexican diet. This dish is always prepared for celebrations.

The most popular tamales of the Tamal Festival are stuffed with shrimp, cheese, mole or fish. Nowadays, this gastronomic event also includes options for vegans

In Coyoacán, tamales are accompanied by a hot drink – mainly coffee, atoles and chocolate-. A perfect option to warm up in the middle of winter.

Those who found the figure hidden in the threads of kings are used to invite their friends or relatives to eat tamales on Candlemas Day. If you are in Mexico during the celebration of the Tamal Festival, take the opportunity to taste this delicious dish in the best company.

How to get to Coyoacán

South Route, stop nº16: https://mexico.city-tour.com/en/tourist-bus-routes-mexico/sur/coyoacan-centro-historico

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