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Mexico City counts with some buildings that were abandoned in the past and left behind hundreds of stories and memories. Knowing these places means knowing more the history of Mexico City.

Cine Ópera was one of the biggest cinemas of the city. It opened in 1949 during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. It is headed by two enormous sculptures which represent comedy and tragedy. This cinema has served as a concert hall. Although its projectors stopped working years ago, it continues being used to film video clips and movies.

Posada del Sol, apart from being an amazing building, it is well-known because of its legend: the architect Fernando Saldaña Galván put all his efforts into the construction of this hotel to the point that he went out of his mind and committed suicide by hanging in the yard, after cursing the building. Since then, there have been multiple stories about ghosts, sacrifices and disappearances.

Another emblematic place in which there is no activity, this time with a less tragic story, is the Atlantis spa and theme park, a place that during the 80’s and the 90’s was a recreation place in Mexico City. Nowadays, its enormous toboggans and attractions are only the memory of all the amusement lived in this park.

Even though these places are not open today, they are part of the recent history of the city and hide magic and mysterious facts interesting to know.

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