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Mexico City and Madrid have a lot in common, and the Cibeles fountain is the best proof of that. There is an exact replica of the Spanish monument in the Mexican capital. Even the measurements are the same: 5 meters high, 12 wide and 12 tons of weight. Furthermore, both are located in a place where miles of people passes every day and where a large number of events are celebrated.

However, the age is the main difference between both fountains. The Spanish one was built in 1782, but the Mexican was inaugurated in 1980 by a group of Spanish residents in Mexico. The idea was strengthen the bonds between the two communities.

In this way, the Mexican Cibeles has become a place where celebrate the sporting triumphs of the Spain National Football Team. Doing this is a very popular tradition in Madrid.

If you are interested in the Cibeles fountain, you can find this monument at the crossroads of Durango, Medellín, Oaxaca and Oro streets. It is one of the most animated points in the area, with a wide range of restaurants, bazaars and markets, so you can take advantage of your visit to do other leisure activities.

How to arrive:

South Route, stop 5:

More information about Cibeles Fountain:

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