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Good Luck Charms, tarot readings or fruits and vegetables are the things that you can find at Sonora Market, one of the most particular attractions in Mexico City. Magic, tradition and exoticism coexist at this labyrinth of 404 shops divided into 9 corridors.

Also known as Sorcerer’s Market, this is the right place to find the most famous healers and wizards in the country. However, the merchants of Sonora not only sell the materials needed to perform the rituals – incense, herbs and other amulets to heal the emotional pains – but also food and other everyday products.

Strolling around the Sonora market is both the perfect opportunity to know what Tarot cards say about the future and to make small purchases to fill the pantry. Due to its tourist character, here you can even find different souvenir stalls.

Sonora Market maintains its essence despite the passage of time. It is a must-see place not only for believers in magic and pre-Hispanic medicine but also for anyone else attracted by its personality.  

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