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14 Dec 2016

Christmas of posadas and piñatas with Mexico City Tour

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The Christmas countdown has already started: time for family meetings and celebrations that makes this time of the year one of the most magical.

We all know that Mexico Christmas culture is rich and varied, this is why from Mexico City Tour we want to present you some of the most representative of the country.

In Mexico, Christmas season starts on the 16th of December with the celebration of the traditional ‘posadas’, a popular festivity which celebrates the pilgrimage of Joseph and the Virgin Mary in search of a haven to give birth to Jesus. During the ‘posadas’, which are celebrated in many homes of the country, all the guests contribute food and drinks to the party.

If you have the opportunity to assist to a ‘posada’, you will be able to taste delicious dishes especially prepared for this party. Have you ever tasted ‘romeritos’, ‘champurrado’ or ‘atole de guayaba’? Do not leave Mexico without tasting them. Christmas without these dishes, is not Christmas.

At the ‘posadas’ you will also find ‘piñatas’, which, according to the tradition, are to be hit and broken with a stick and the eyes bandaged. These ‘piñatas’ are filled with Mexican sweets and use to have the shape of a star with seven points; each of them representing one of the deadly sins which are to be destroyed.

Anyway, if you do not have the chance of assisting to a ‘posada’, take one of the tourist buses of Mexico DF and go to the area of Polanco with the itinerary Polanco Hipodromo-Chapultepec, the most modern and futuristic area of the city. There you will be able to choose between a whole host of restaurants with a traditional gastronomic offer. We advise you to get off the panoramic bus at stop 4, which is within walking distance of the Antara Fashion Hall, or stop 5, right next to Museo Soumaya.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live a typical Mexican Christmas and visit the many other attractions covered by Mexico City Tour tourist bus.