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12 Sep 2016

Frida Kahlo Museum

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Frida Kahlo Museum

Frida Kahlo is one of the most important women of the 20th century. This important Mexican artist was most notable for being a painter and poetess.

Frida, who at first studied medicine, started to get interested in art after having a serious car accident which forced her to live during several years prostrate in bed.  

Kahlo was married to the Mexican artist Diego Rivera. They were divorced years later due to the many infidelities on both sides and their arguments caused by their characters. After she had divorced Rivera she experienced a major depression episode and she got dependent on alcohol.

This kind of episodes, made Kahlo’s life a convulsive life, fact that had an important   influence on her artistic work.

In her works we can find references to women’s rights and freedom, fact that made her become a celebrated character related to feminism.

This artist was born, raised and died in Kahlo’s familiar house in Coyoacan, also known as La Casa Azul, the place where nowadays we find her museum, a must-see for art lovers, where they can see the works of the artist and also appreciate the furniture and decoration of the house that witnessed her birth.

Mexico City Tour has one of its stops located near the museum. The stop Frida Kahlo Museum (stop 11 of the route South) helps you to get to this place and enjoy some of the most famous artworks of the artist: Viva la vida (1954), Frida y la Cesárea (1931) or Retrato de mi padre Wilhem Kahlo (1952).