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Basílica de Guadalupe
  • Basilica

The Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe, whose official name is Insigne y Nacional Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe, is a Catholic shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. It is located at the foot of the Tepeyac hill in the Gustavo A. Madero delegation of Mexico City. It belongs to the First Archdiocese of Mexico by way of the Vicar of Guadalupe, and is under the care of Monsignor Enrique Glennie Graue, whose title is General and Episcopal Vicar of Guadalupe and Rector of the Shrine. After St. Peter's Basilica, it is the most visited Marian shrine in the world. Some twenty million pilgrims visit the shrine every year, of whom almost nine million do so on or around December 12, the feast day of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.

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