Mexico City Tour has been the official tour of Mexico City since the year 2000. With our double-decker, 100% panoramic open-top buses and our Hop-on Hop off service, you'll enjoy discovering the city in a whole new way.

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  1. Historic City Centre

  2. Polanco Hipódromo-Chapultepec (not available)

  3. South (not available)

  4. Basilica (not available)

The most visited route ever in Mexico City. On the Historic City Centre route you will discover history, architecture, culture and, of course, cuisine.

The Polanco Hipódromo-Chapultepec (not available) is the city's newest and most fashionable. It's the perfect route to enjoy shopping and the city's most cutting edge architecture.

The South (not available) is the unrivalled tour of the city's most Bohemian neighbourhoods, with a touch of architecture and archaeology.
See places that preserve a feel of the countryside and of things gone by.

The Basilica (not available) is the religious tour route par excellence. Take a trip through pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern times in the great Mexican capital.


If the route can't go by the Basilica for reasons beyond our control, it will take you to the Plaza de las Tres Culturas.